Sunday, July 22, 2012

Show for July 22, 2012. The Kitchen Sisters, from Radio Docs to the Concert Hall

Like so many other radiophiles, I was inspired to get into the medium by the work of great independent producers like the Kitchen Sisters—Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson. In fact, this show originates from the same station (KUSP) where Nikki and Davia cut their teeth. They’d left the station 20-some years before I got there, but Nikki was kind enough to give this newb some very helpful starting tips (she turned me on to my first digital editing program, Pro Tools Free). So it was really nice to finally sit down with her and learn about her own radio beginnings. We listened to some of the earliest and still-cool Kitchen Sisters recordings (Rattlesnakes, The Road Ranger and Ernie Morgan, World Champion One-Handed Pool Player) and discussed the latest evolution of their work: The Hidden World of Girls, Stories For Orchestra. Adapted from their Hidden World of Girls radio series, the new orchestral/multimedia production premieres at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music on July 28 and 29. Listening to Nikki talk, you can hear one of the essential ingredients in the Kitchen Sisters’ success: a lot of passion and a lot of heart.

Davia Nelson (L) and Nikki Silva

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