Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Show for Aug 12, 2012. Errol Morris Confidential, Pt 1 of 2.

Errol Morris’s relentless search for answers – philosophical, psychological, forensic – has led to a vast and ever-growing body of work that includes his celebrated documentaries, dozens of short films, weighty essays and cognitive experiments in the NY Times, books, actual criminal investigations and some pretty fetching commercials (example below). The backstories are often as interesting as the finished products, and Errol shared some of them with me in a very illuminating look at his career, his preoccupations and motivations. Topics discussed in this first of two installments include:

  • His interest in serial killers and his recent re-investigation of a famous murder case.
  • Why he started making movies.
  • His early films and stylistic development.
  • The many projects that haven’t come to fruition – mostly for financial reasons, but in one instance because of brute force.
  • The influence of Werner Herzog and their legendary bet.

Errol Morris’s latest mini-doc for ESPN.

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